Mar 22, 2009

What Will Be Next?

Yes.. This morning start very common for me. The same things that I'll repeat it every day. Nothing much that can make my day a little bit different than others. Or maybe there is my day, my life are already different than others and I actually just don' realize it. My ramblings this morning after I ate so much this morning. After I've done cleaned the shop which was my working place now..

Well, there is something coming through my brain right now.. Ok, when we look at the our music industry nowadays, independent scene or indie or also we called it a DIY (do it by yourself) products dominated our music scene, I meant what I look onto the winning of Meet Uncle Hussien in Ajl23 stage (Malaysia), Estrange in Ajl22 (Malaysia), Death Cab for Cutie in the Grammy Awards (foreign) and the others independent artist that had been stand on the same level, archived the same or more success than the major artist.

In my country, Malaysia, we can see the independent artists had be in the peak of craze by the public nowadays and the question is after this era, independent scene, what will be the next? A couple years in Malaysia lately, independent scene seem to be an evolution for the Malaysia's music industry and it coming with it's new wave, fresh sounds. Maybe that are what the publics and music lovers want to and that make indie artists grown more and more..

Independent scene also been craze by the teenagers and many of them that have the ambitions to be an artist will choose the independent style. Again, my second question, will the independent scene in Malaysia will be dead? The music lovers in Malaysia will get bored because of heard the same songs, same sounds, same style? I hope not! I wrote this because in my tiny heart I keep my ambitions, to form a DIY band one day. And those questions keep coming to my head when I thinking about indie scene.

Ok, when we look onto the flows of music in Malaysia, started it with traditional music like Zapin music and dance and it used to popular trough Malaysia, then, Ghazal from Arabia also used to popular in the markets and malls of Kuala Lumpur and Johor and stars like Kamariah Noor are very success, later follows by Dondang Sayang, slow style.

Then the earliest pop music 'Tudung Periuk' sung by Momo Latif and P. Ramlee became the most popular singer and composers at that time with songs like 'Azizah', 'Dendang Perantau' and the evergreen 'Di mana Ku Cari Ganti'. Later come the pop yeh-yeh, the influenced by the British rock n roll and 'The Beattle' and song title 'Suzanna' sung by M. Osman in the 1964 seem to come in the fresh style with the band (kugiran) style..

And the flows will continue.. and continue... What's next?

p/s: the images definitely doesn't match with the post.. huhu.. :p


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