Jan 21, 2009


Iluminasi Music - Anugerah Juara Lagu 23, suitable with its' name, AJL 23 was well-known as the most prestige competition which competing who will the best-song ever created in Malaysia. This year, AJL was dominated by the Indie band, Meet Uncle Hussien. Meet Uncle Hussien was not the first band that has won the AJL's champ, but others like Search, Spider, Estrange used to won this title, then followed by Meet Uncle Hussien this year.
Meet Uncle Hussien consisted with their's band members, Lan (vocal,guitar), Taja (backup vocal, guitar), Kudux (drum) and Afat (bassist, backup vocal) and theirs' song 'Lagu Untukmu' has make them won this year champ. On the AJL 23, they performed their best and I think that was the best performence that they ever did. Song 'Lagu Untukmu' was created by Taja, Tass and Lan and they said it was for theirs' rebellious friends...x_x..
They really turned the suburian-teenagers at my place into the fanatic-indie-band and has opened the eyes about the real potential, quality of Indie music. May Malaysian's music grow world-wide, and Indie music are its begining, compete with others in this rough,huge arena. Thanks to gua.com.my for theirs' nice pic.

P/s: while we were pleased about MUH's victory, let we think a second about ours' buddy in Paletine. Malaysian support Indie music and Palestine, and we hate those who labeled Muslim as terrorist!

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