Mar 3, 2009


Hmm.. lately I was really busy with my work. Please the client at my work place, writing, talking crap with Doja (?). Ok, this new post is not really quiet-new because it is in my list about more than 6 months (half-year) and today I decided to post it in my site. Well, actually it about a girl, sweet voice, not a big one just a tiny but brought the shock to the alternative/ independent music scene in Malaysia. Have a fair skin, wonderful smiles and a great finger-movement when she played the guitar and.. Ah? WTF? What the... hell I'm writing about now?? *LOL*

*koff*koff* Ok.. continue.. about Yuna , she used to create songs, played it, and usually she picks one of the best then, shared it with the world. She has a nice, awesome voice suitable with her songs and stlye. For those at Oddmalaya who like acoustic music type, music that similarly to slow pop along with the tune of guitar, you all must hear Yuna. Support from behind are Paan (guitar), Efry (bassist), Aidil (drummer)and they already have their own followers and fans.

Yuna love shoes, making music and influences by Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette, Feist, Coldplay and much more. Other than that, she only a normal person. For those who want to know Yuna, check her profile on MySpace (click here) You also can buy their EPs there. Want to hear Yuna? Clicks here.

Below are content that not rely to Yuna. It just the writing by cecairMusic.. I wonder who is he? Hmmm...

Inside of Me - created by cecairMusic

Yeah..something in my heart,
Something waiting to burst my feeling,
Right now when I'm alone, outside...
Nobody can calm me, thought me right.

Option is just a sight, nothing more than that,
Decision is on your right, but please don't be dead,
How could there be a guide?
When we see no such light..

Yes..the failure used to weak me,
But then I'll fight it, with another me,
Just little thing to change, and it is just inside me,
Nobody can stop me, with my hand I'll change the inside of me..
Inside of me..

Inside of me..inside of me..
Yeah..I changed..inside of me..
Inside of me..inside of me..
I'll started again with another me!

dedicated to : akubuntuTanpamusik
p/s : aku curi gambar yuna mu, Roq.. :P hehe.


  1. bro..gua ade jugak buat blog cam nih..tapi x release lagi..hope we can be partner..chiaw..
    email gua

  2. She is surely an extremely talented gal. Cuma nak tahu, she officially on a band or by herself? And other guys did they was on the same band or not? If they were together was aren't they have an official name?