Mar 14, 2009


Estrella is a Malaysia pop independent band that based on the bossa nova, jazz and R&B and they are from Ampang. Estrella is not a new name in the Malaysia independent music scene because they have a very massive fans. Formed in 2005 they start with duo, Liyana Fizi as a vocalist, songwriter and Syariful Adzwan or nicely called as Yob in the guitar position has now complete the line-up with Jeffrey Little or Jeff as the drummer , Wan as the percussion player. With the line-up of the all-stars indie musicians and the strength of Liyana's vocal, well performance, Estrella is look as a new talented band in the Malaysia's modern music scene...

On their launch and showcase of the album "Estrella" lately, all of the songs in the album was performed live for their fans. On the showcase, Ariff was on the bass and Saiful Ridzuan a.k.a Duan from the band "Seven Collar T-Shirt" as the special guitarist and he has received the credit as the assistant producer of the album "Estrella" and the songwriter of "Heaven" and "It's You".

The song titled "Masih" and "Ternyata" in the Estrella's catalog, and the English song "Take It Slow", were played by the local urban radio stations. With the amazing played from the live showcase of Estrella and their fine melody, they were labeled as the well, trusted live artist. Their funky, energetic performance and 'so soul' match with their jazzy music.

Estrella was record at the Greenhouse Studios and under-label of Laguna Records and their album was able nationwide, by Universal Music. In fact, the local well known producer, Roslan Aziz , was responsible in the producing the Estrella album.

Hear Estrella!


  1. Awesome band!!! :-)

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